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Spanish Monkey


I wrote this when I was dating a Spanish lady who loved watching vids of monkeys getting into mischief. We had a bad breakup and I posted about it on here at the time and think that was before we had the crash which lost a lot of stuff. You guys helped me a lot when I told you about it and offered advice/opinions. I also love a tune by Herb Alpert called Spanish Flea so named it with that in mind too.


Loving those II-V movements, creative (and entirely appropriate, given the source of the tune's inspiration) use of blues scale and dorian in the more open passages.

2.18-2.28 has the sweetest descending phrase followed by an even sweeter second phrase. So good.

The backing track deserves special mention, particularly the nuanced percussion parts of congas, full kit and driving eighth-note claps which propel the tune beautifully. A tune with this much sorrow at its core could so easily result in a maudlin piece, but instead it's bursting with zest and positivity. Mono is no weary burro caminando, instead we get to ride in a zippy coche deportivo. Zoooom!


Dave, Baba, thanks guys. Ade you surpass yourself with each consecutive post haha. Thanks for noting the backing as it's something I do for every video I do if not solo or duet guitars and often not thought about.


Da dawn Taffy.

Really enjoyed that.

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