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Some western swing noodling, and new mixing gear


I've been upgrading my recording studio with some new software and learning how to use it all to improve the standard of my finished recordings. This is a remix of something I recorded a couple of years ago, a swing tune called 'This Can't Be Love' played in a western swing style; it's the first thing I've run through my new bit of gear so I'll be able to improve on the sound further than this track shows, but already the quality is a lot better after literally just one session. It's just possible that I may have posted this recording before, I don't actually remember...sorry if I did, but this one sounds much better anyway. 

For those of you interested in recording, the software I'm referring to is Waves Nx, which is a plug-in to enhance mixing in headphones. I was very sceptical at first. I've always thought that headphones weren't ideal for a final mix, because they are binaural as opposed to actual stereo, but this software could convert me - my initial experience is that it seems to be a lot better than I expected it to be.

You can find it HERE


Very natural and authentic feeling of a real space in the production there NSM.

Great guitar sound too, thick and clear with just the right amount of breakup.

I always get a nice chuckle when you do those unexpected turns and that joyous bounce when you play. I'll happily admit to borrowing some of your approaches when I play Metropolitan country shows, such a lovely distillation of Chet/Merle/Grady/Hank styles with that extra edge of danger that is all NSM.


Thanks Ade

"with that extra edge of danger that is all NSM" put a big smile on my face ;)


It's true though.

It's a style that is such a multi-disciplined and technical concoction, it can be over-refined, calculated and calibrated to the point of irrelevance. That's why it's so good to feel the tail hang out and the tyres chirping in some of those tight bends. Lovely!

I listen again and there are literally only three instrument elements there. There's a mirage of a lot more going on. The production is amazingly natural- big, wide and clear.


thats some mighty fine picking and the recording sounds great!


Great sound there sir!


Yeah, loved it. Great job and I'm sure it's a great mix, but right now I'm listening on an iPhone so not really the best medium for such a cool little piece.

I'm hearing Chet, Django and Albert Lee and loving it all. Mrs Deke is even singing it after one hearing


I enjoyed it completely.

I assume that you have 6 fingers on both hands, (Not just the hand pictured in your avatar), and it sounds like your putting them all to good use.


Thanks guys, I appreciate folks listening to my tracks and taking the time to post feedback.

Ade - you said "I listen again and there are literally only three instrument elements there." In fact there are four - there is an acoustic rhythm guitar track on the left, set very low in the mix. It's more to be 'felt' rather than heard - something you would miss if it wasn't there, functioning more as percussion than harmony. It gives an extra bit of punch to the drum track. I picked that idea up on an audio-recording forum, and it definitely makes things sound more solid and compact.

JW - I'm afraid I just have the usual number of fingers on each hand, the others are only 'virtual' fingers, they come via Photoshop, sadly!


WOW! That was spectacular!


I can pick out that acoustic now, but would never have spotted it without it being pointed out. It's like a little reinforcement of the drums, a subliminal extra force. Sorry I missed it!

It's a very strong mix indeed.


Great tune and it sounds great.


That was a very nice mix NSM. It seems to me that it's more of a nod to Les Paul than to western swing.

Whatever, I liked it a lot.



The sum of all parts was exceptional and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and keep on with that great playing. Awesome tone and style!

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