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some preview roughs from the studio sessions


Thought I'd share some review roughs from the studio sessions for our upcoming CD. These are quick dumps they burn for us so we can hear what on earth we just did,lol - we dont spend studio time listening to playbacks. No fixes, mixes, punch ins, etc yet., so please bear with the occasional clam. I'll be punching in a few fixes on the heads here and there later, but these are some basic takes we're settling on.

Circus This just gets wackier and more fun every time we do it :)

EmDee I did a test edit of two takes on this one. Funkish jam with a sparse head in three phrases that get sequentially longer. Each phrase gets repeated about twice before moving on to the next one. Solo starts over vamp around 2;26; switches to a 7/4 swing feel with a touch of rockabilly vibe around 3:36.

Mist This is on the fretless Tele -- one of our more atmospheric and abstract pieces.


Great stuff Mustafa! I love the breakdown on Circus, and that Tele sounds very nice on Mist.

Side note: With all of the autotune crap going on vocals these days, I always wondered what a fretless guitar would sound like through autotune. Ever tried it? Could be the next big sound. :D


I must say that is some interesting music indeed. It is way beyond my scope of understanding, but I really dug the tunes, especially, "EmDee".


thanks for listening, gents!

Autotune on the fretless .... that could be interesting indeed :)


I love 'em all!!!

People complain about free jazz and other forms of complex instrumental music that tend to play "out there" lacking groove. I often disagree. But this stuff has unmistakable groove.

Nice work.


The 1st one I listened to was with the Tele, and perhaps tweaking the sound a bit, and adding tabla & tambura drums will bring it to the next level.

Circus reminds me very much of: What A Shame Maryjane Had A Pain At The Party, but not as melodically defined (the 1982 mix, not the subsequent re-do & re-naming for Anthology).


thanks jayce, strummer, Joe!

There's even more Indian influenced repertoire with the fretless...I've resisted going the tabla/tambura route because a) we used to do that in the acoustic sarod/tabla format, and b) in the electric context it's almost too easy to "go there." We're very cognizant to try to avoid what I call the "ethno-fake-oh" syndrome. I think handling world influences has to be done with great care, restraint and as organic and integrated an approach as possible.

I'd never heard the "MaryJane" tune until you mentioned it; googled some you tube clips, and i hear the similarity of approach (straight forward harmonically accessible melody, increasingly deconstructed, though we have that little deconstructed prelude at the top as well). My mom hears shades of La Bamba in it, which after she mentioned it, i can hear it too, lol :)


ha. After listening to everything else we have in the can, we have about half that is doable and half yet to go. Considering the state of mind we were all in for various reasons, I'm surprised anything came out as well as it did.

Everyone's storms are settling, we're focusing on the upcoming show, and it all sounds so much better, more relaxed, and we're coming up with some different approaches and developments in context for the gig that are some nice improvements.

Chances are strong -- though nothing's definite -- we're scrapping everything and starting over from scratch 8-o

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