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Some old-school swing playing


It's a while since I posted - life has been full of 'stuff' that got in the way of music-making but at last it looks like I have some time to get into some recording. Here's the first thing I've been able to record in quite a while, an old swing tune which lots of you will know, called "Bye Bye Blues". It's a catchy wee tune, with a chord sequence which is fun to improvise over. You can find it - HERE


Oh my goodness, that's a quick pickin, rolling ride! If this is how you sound after a hiatus, my goodness! There I went thinking I was getting better at this thing, you my friend, are a guitarist!


Les meets Chet meets NSM. Great rendition...


Now that was some hot pickin'. Yessir!


Very nice stuff indeed -- great pickin' and super tones.


Wonderful freewheeling frolics throughout Neil. Always, always when you play you channel into the sheer joy of playing. I could talk about what's cooking technically in this performance, but what really matters is that I was grinning when I listened, repeatedly.


Now that's the stuff. Nice and thanks for sharing.


Super Chester and Lester sound! Immaculate playing, but with that swing feel bouncing along from start to finish!

Well done sir!


Glad to hear you were able to get some recording time going again. Great playing and tone on this fun tune. Thanks for posting. Gary


That was awesome, thanks for sharing


Way to go after it my man, you were rocking all the way through this one! There were some truly dizzying fun licks there!


That was great. I could listen to that for hours. Thanks.


Thanks for the nice comments, guys, I appreciate it a lot.

I'll post another track or two soonish :)

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