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Some more western swing a la Jimmy Bryant


I have almost three weeks off work over Christmas so I have a little time to record a tune or two. This one is called 'Speedin' West' and was originally played by Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West. You can find it by clicking HERE

I love Jimmy Bryant's playing, and that whole western swing vibe - I'll try to get one more online next week.

I hope you're all enjoying the festivities :)


NSM, that was very well done. What guitars were you using?

The talent that is on this forum never ceases to amaze me.



That was nothing short of amazing! WOW! I loved it.


Thanks, Don and Bear :)

Don...I used three guitars on that - a G5122 with TVJones Classics, a Mexican Telecaster and a Washburn HB15. Solos and main tune/riffs on the Gretsch, some harmony parts on the Fender, and the acoustic rhythm on the Washburn.

Piano, bass and drums were all done with Band In A Box software.


I love that tune, you did a great job with it!


Amazing! I love Western swing, especially twin guitars playing a lead like that. Damn sure wish I could play like that, brother!


Like John L. said "Sure wish I could do that."

Really enjoyed it NSM.

Guess the six fingers helps, huh?


Very nice steel emulation at 1:13! Really enjoyed this.


That was awesome. I never got on with Band in a Box so it's cool to hear what you can do with it. Your playing is top notch. If only I had more time to practice.... Thanks for sharing!


Great playing, NSM! There is enough variety in it to keep me guessing all the time. Lots of fun to listen to.


Thanks to all of you folks for the kind comments, I appreciate it :)

More later


Hi NSM, Great tune ,well played. Was "Band in a Box" just used for the backing or was it also used for recording the whole song. The sound quality is very good.


Thanks for the comments, johnny and steve! :)

Steve - BIAB was just used to create the backing tracks of piano, bass and drums. These tracks were then exported as AIFF files into Garageband, where I added the guitar parts.


Excellent !

Some fast & endless arpeggios :-) great sweep picking and excellent speed and plectrum work.



Thanks a lot guys, and a happy new year to y'all :)


very nicely done...shows you have a true understanding of what jimmy bryant was about.. interval runs which he did on his oddly tuned 12 string stratosphere doubleneck..and also the harmony runs of speedy and jimmy...nice

see in your web bio you also like renbourn, halsall and presti...3 of my faves

checked out an original composition by timothy walker (who i was unfamiliar with)...great



Thanks neatone :)

Tim Walker was a major figure in my guitar life, I learned a lot from him - he also taught Renbourn, who I met several times as a result of our mutual connection with Walker.


I like it 8-) very cool yyyyéééééé...


Love it!

Great playing and captures the period "feel".

Thanks, NSM.


Wow, fantastic! Wish I could play like that! Post more please :D

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