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62 Tenor Annie 6125


Here's something new (on Reverb - no affiliation with seller). Interesting that it doesn't have an Annie badge. Seller should post a pic of the label; at $3K it's going to be around for a lo-o-ong while despite the cute 4-pole HiLotron.


That's just about the cutest Gretsch I've ever seen. I wonder if Ed can chime in regarding Gretsch tenor electrics regarding numbers made. Price has to be highly subjective due to the rarity. I would think someone on the lookout for one of these either to play or as a collector's item, might pay the price, whereas to those of us not interested in a tenor guitar, even $1K would think it too much. Dam pretty model to make a tenor version of.


Really nice, but it's missing a couple of strings and someone left off a couple of tuners from the peghead... Actually, The tenor's are rare. I remember seeing a Fifties Duo Jet Tenor about 30 years ago. I guess you could put a set of Bass strings on it and have a really short scale bass..


Weren't there more tenor Jets ? They show up sometimes.


Great article Ed, gorgeous Guitar lx

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