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sneek peek at the soon to be recorded Boxcar Campfire PT2 Cd


I thought i'd post this here and see what ya all think. the whole record won't be this stripped down but it will be a much quieter cd than the previous one. Hope you like it


Beautiful. Haunting. Really moving. Far as I'm concerned, I'd be thrilled with more cuts that are this richly "stripped down."

Thanks for the heads up on the new opus.


Nice interpretation & performance, Paul.

Loved the first Boxcar. Me and my brother listened to it on the way to the Nashville Roundup last fall (and the way back).


Very cool - keep it comin' - we need more!


Only got to the first few words before my slow internet service decided to cut it off, but I can't wait to hear more.

I just bought Boxcar Campfire the other day, and it's been in my truck, and on at home non stop. I can't get John Henry out of my head! It's quite a departure from my usual styles, but I can't get enough man. Looking forward to the new album. If you're ever in Wisconsin I'm there man.


Paul Pigat is the man... There is no doubt about it! :D


Really cool, this recording of Ring of Fire. I like the basic, honest and haunting side of Americana a lot. Feels like the origin and the base of the roots. I'm impressed.


Shivers mate, shivers! Really cool!


Love it, Paul.

I'd buy an album, or two, filled with that type stuff.


Hope to but the album from you personally (Kathy actually) like I did the last one.

hint, hint. European (Dutch) tour. ;-) :P


So good man! Really cool rendition. I think Cash would approve. Now please come to Boston on your next tour?


Oooh! Paul, that sounded sooo cool! That was a great rendition of the Man in Black's song. It was nice, dark, and moody sounding. 8-) It looks like I'm going to have to get myself a copy of the album, when it comes out. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)


Outstanding Paul, can't wait for Boxcar 2, Part 1 gets a serious workout in the car!!! Dig the Guild amazing tone.


Very cool, Paul!


Fab version. Only needs a smooth/deep bass, and soft percussion, and that's it! Simple & clean.


Very nice! Thank you! I really love the stuff on the Boxcar Campfire cd i have and play it every couple of days. Good to hear there is another on the way.

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