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Short take on an old tune


In response to a large number of requests from a small number of people, I've uploaded the first of what is intended to be an occasional series of short videos on to both instagram and youtube. This one is a short version of "Indiana", just a minute and a half or so. It's on youtube HERE

If you'd rather watch it on Instagram, search for it there under neilmunro1701 and you'll find it - if you like, follow me on there and I'll follow you straight back :)


The ascending whole tone lick at about 43 seconds! The chromatic 5ths that form the end figure!

Two standout moments in an assured and really enjoyable performance. Perfect length too, leave 'em wanting more. So, as Oliver Twist implored the Beadle, "Please sir, can I have some more?"


Man, that was nice. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice work indeed, Neil. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed listening to you.


Great stuff,i really enjoy your playing sir!


Thanks for sharing. That just brought a smile to my face and broke up an otherwise unpleasant day.


Neil, that was really nice. I love your chord choices, and your ad lib portion. Your fingers tell that you are a guitar picker, and indeed you are. Nice super lick too, btw. I really enjoyed it.


Neil, I loved it. Super playing and terrific arrangement.


Terrific arrangement Neil and you have a wonderful, clean touch. A great take on a golden oldie toe-tapper!


Oh boy that was great Neil. Super chops and tone. I've listened to it many times. Thanks and send more our way.


Excellent. You make it look easy.


That was great! Thanks for posting!


Thanks for the kind comments! You guys have made my day :)

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