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Second Album Has Been Released


We had originally hoped to be selling this at Viva Las Vegas back in April, but production got a little delayed. But Lightning and Thunder is out in time for Christmas!

Mostly Gretsch guitars in use, primarily my Country Club and the 5422 I used to have, with some Reverend Tricky Gomez, too, and the acoustic parts were handled by LA_Manny's Candelas classical and my new Martin 000C-Nylon. Thanks for the letting me borrow the guitar, Manny! Except for the acoustic parts, a Nocturne Atomic Brain was in use at all times, played through either a Quilter MicroPro Mach II or InterBlock head into an Eminence Big Ben 15 closed-back cab.

I know I should have a link here to YouTube videos of some of the songs, but we don't have that up yet. I'll add them when we do.

And for the record, I have nothing to do with the website design. And that's all I have to say about that.


I only just read your last sentence...I thought it read something about being wet...I'm a Jacuzzi Yoga kinda guy.

Can I get a non-Autographed CD copy on Amazon?


Can I get a non-Autographed CD copy on Amazon?

You can get the MP3 version and download it from Amazon here:

But for a CD, you'll have to order one from our website, or look for my van and I'll sell you one. You'll need to look down this way, though, so the website might be more cost-effective.


Out the back of the van works...

Just like Lower Manhattan, eh?


Yes! Good for you and the band! How/where did you record the album? Any session notes type stuff is fun to hear!


Thanks. We recorded it at Pacifica Studios in Culver City, the same place we recorded our first album. It was done the usual way, some live, some overdubs, into a big analog board and then into ProTools (sorry, I don't have any more details on the technology than that). I wasn't there for the mixing and mastering so I don't know how or where that was done, but I can safely say it was indeed done.


Awesome! I hope it sells well. We are preparing to release our second one, as well.


YouTube clips are now available:

There are 3 other songs on the album, but I've taken enough of your time. Thanks!


There's some good stuff, on there.


Great stuff, Frank especially Queen (Quinn?) of the Highway. Is that you singing on Dancing with my baby?


Thanks, and no, @NJBob, that’s our bass player, Chris Smith on that tune. I do get to sing lead on some songs we do, but we didn’t record any of those.

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