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Scrammers - Too Close to the Sun


Another original recorded live in the rehearsal room playing my single pick-up tenny


This sounds great and it entertaining to watch you guys go round and round.


Thanks for the kind words BuddyHollywood.


Whoa! Great breakdown, too. Stuck in my head already.


This kicks ass! Well done! I knew I was gonna like it after the first few notes. Great tone, sound and structure. Nice changes - shoot, just very well done across the board, mate!


That was very cool. Love the song and the video concept. I was really surprised how well the camera mic picked up the sound consistently while going round in a circle.


For this one we didn’t us the camera microphone. We used our drummers laptop with an external soundcard of which we used 6 tracks (3 for drums and 1 per guitar) Afterwards I put the sound and images together.


Okay, that makes sense. I thought the sound was too good for just a camera Mic though I've gotten some decent audio out of mine but I wasn't circling the room.


Really good piece and superb tone!


Cool tune, two completely different and appealing atmospheres in the one piece.

Your playing is always assured and confident, every note played with absolute certainty. Big props again to the rhythm guitar player for great intelligence, driving chord work and solid reinforcement in melody work- what a nice player. Great sound blend between the two guitars too, free from tonal conflict in the sonic spectrum.

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