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Rosie’s Angel Baby”


Tribute to Rosie Hamlin and her song "Angel Baby" : Rosie was 15 when she recorded this song with her band, The Originals. It was recorded in a little two track studio in an old airplane hanger in San Marcos, CA in 1961. Her band was very green and she says it took 30 takes before they got through without making a mistake. It was a very raw sound and they never could duplicate it. They were just a little garage band who got lucky. I wrote this song from the imaginary perspective of her first puppy love, Angel Baby. Linda sang the high part and Ray played the sax and piano.


Very cool. I had to listen to the original first because I was not familiar with this song. You did good.


Thanks Superdave. Not many people remember that song, "Angel Baby", but it was a classic garage band who lucked out with their recording done in an old hanger.

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