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Rose of Alabama (1846)


Rose of Alabama (1846) Words by S.S. Steele with special thanks to Tom Roush for uncovering the original lyrics. Rose of Alabama was popularised by the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wales" but was actually an old minstrel song that predated the American Civil War. The tune was apparently popular with the Confederate Soldiers.

In this version I have arranged a solo guitar arrangement in something resembling Chet Atkin's style and also arranged a bluegrass style banjo accompaniment. I also sang the song for a change however I'm no singer so that part of the performance should be rather amusing for everyone


Nothing wrong with the vocals sir,suits this type of tune !


A cute little ditty, Andrew. A chance to pull out the banjo for a bit of fun.


Thanks JC and Dave - yeah it's a bit of fun - at least I also pulled the Gretsch out huh - I thought the tone of the Gretsch sounded nice


Enjoyed that. Thanks!


Sweet and smooth with added banjo bite. Nice vocals too- that higher harmony is very assured. Super idea to track down the full original lyric and give the song its full range.

A very intriguing piece, the honest and sincere reading grips tight.


Thanks NJBob and Ade.

I love your comments Ade by the way - you have such a way with words!

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