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Rose (acoustic fingerpicking)


I found youtube video of Martin Tallström playing song called Rose. It sounded great to me, so I had to try to play it. It is in open G tuning.

Here is my attempt

But if you want to hear really great version, search for Tallstrom and Rose in youtube.


Sounds just great, Jukka. Beautiful guitar, btw. It has a beautiful tone also.


Thanks Richard! Now as I have posted my video, I can finally allow myself to listen your Weeping Willow :D


Beautiful Jukka, you played it masterfully and the tone was exceptional.


Very pretty tune, soulfully played. Nice accompaniment to my quiet Sunday morning. 8-)


Thanks! It is pretty simple tune, but the open G tuning makes it sound fresh for my ears.


Very nice Jukka,what's that recorder yer using there?


Thanks JC! I used Zoom H1 recorder. I added some reverb in Logic Audio software and boosted the levels afterwards. Usually the problem is that the recorder catches the breathing, clothes touching guitar and all environment noises ver clearly. Had to learn to breathe through mouth instead of nose :)


Sweetly played, Jukka.

Like Richard, I am impressed with what I can see of your guitar.

What is it and have you got pictures of it?

Nice tone and feel, and recording.


Thanks JW!

Guitar is Alvarez PD100S. It is real beauty with abalone inlays and decorations. Plays like butter and sounds great. It has solid spruce top and rosewood back. Also has scalloped bracing. Only complaint I have is that it does not seem to handle well heavy strings. I have set of .010 strings on it.

Here are some pictures I found with google.


Thanks for the picture, Jukka.

I am especially impressed with your tone and clean playing considering your playing with "10's".

I think that I am too ham fisted to play strings that light on acoustic.

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