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Original song: “Don’t Drink & Jump”


I think this might be the first song ever to mention Charlie Baty (who is one of my all-time favs).

Sang into the laptop's built-in mic w/ my 5120 unplugged. Went back and added a bass line and electric gtr (horn stabs & lead).



Great fun, wisdom aplenty. The little echo of Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks is very welcome.

I trust you were completely sober when this was conceived and recorded.


Oh yeah, I quite like that. Nice feel to it with lots of humor in the lyrics. I get the Dan Hicks reference, but also see this as something special on its own terms. Continue to post your songs, Jopapa.


JoPapa, I haven't commented yet because I've easily play this song 15 times. I love the jump blues, percussive attack, perfect timing and a little solo action. This is the stuff I love to listen to and man you delivered a beauty. Bravo!!!


Holy smokes, thanks to all for the generous words. NJDevil, you're the NJ devil but living out on the island?

But then again, I'm an east coast kid with a big orange cowboy hat avatar...


Good stuff! Nice feel and great playin !

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