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Chibson 335 Union Jack


Here she is folks in all her fake glory. A super lightweight Chibson 335.

Frankly not the best example of a 335 but just think of the potential statements it makes. Ie: Hang it on your wall and let the humans think you are crazy rich guy, albeit with poor taste. Make several artistic/political statements at once by smashing the guitar up or setting fire to it on stage. You could be expressing contempt for the senseless acquisition based capitalist society from which we are now all forced to bow to. Plus by desecrating the flag of the British empire in public, all sorts of reactions would be aroused within the ranks of the press,the public and political media. Not since the early days of the Who has such a stance been taken. Just think how trendy you would become. A snip at £335, the case has got to be worth that.


Bump. Could take a few quid less.


This could be you but you need it to be an Epi -

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