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Old Gretsch Radio Spot


Just uploaded an old (public domain) 1960's radio spot to the Gretsch Pages Radio. Not much real mention of Gretsch products, but it appears that they sponsored a contest back in the 60's called "The Great Gretsch Rock Contest". I found this in a collection of old public domain radio spots and airchecks. This particular one is from the Cleveland OH area, as it mentions an address in Mentor, OH, northeast of Cleveland.




As I go through this archived radio aircheck stuff, I may have some others like this, but I'm not sure yet.8-)


That venue is a Starbucks now.


Bob, Yeah, I googled the address, and after looking at the streetview pics, I'm pretty sure that the original building is long gone-- now it just looks like Suburbia, USA. No more Hullabaloo for Mentor, OH!


There was a music shop there before, Arrowhead music which is still open but moved because Starbucks bought the property.

It was a cool old building that looked like a teepee.

Arrowhead is a Gretsch dealer as well.


Thanks for the info, TCB! Didn't know that we had any Ohio "North Coasters" on here!


I used to live out that way (by Lake Erie) but I'm more in the snow belt of Ohio now.

Besides GC, Arrowhead was one of the few places you can spot a Gretsch out here. Northeast Ohio is more of a Metal Mecca.


Brilliant,it'll be interesting to see if ya find anymore!8-)

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