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Here's a tune that is a song not finished as in not got all the words so it's guitar tune for now.


another great job ! thanks for posting, Taffy.


Delightful, Paul!

Love your stuff. Still waiting for a big smile at the end like..."Ha. look what I just did."


Very fine, Taffy.

Still crossing my fingers that you'll put out an album sometime, so I can purchase it.


An especial enjoyment in appreciating compositions is when a piece is flowing in a perfectly normal way, every change in an expected place and then out of nowhere there's a jack-in-the-box surprise.

In this piece it's the fabulous G/F, G/F#, G chromatic movement, then a second whack round the ear as it continues with A/G, A/G#, A. Such an arresting motif!

Swiss watch precision in execution as always, Taffy. Chord and melody clicking together beautifully. A listener would need a heart of stone not to be beguiled by another great example of your signature fretted note-open string cascades, but that chromatic figure is so good, really gives the piece its edge.


Thanks guys as always Dave I will smile one of these days when I think I've just played something really spectacular haha. Ade, your comments always go into details and make me sound good so cheers for that mate.


A very catchy tune I've listened to several times so far. Great arrangement, playing and beautiful guitar. Some nice licks up the neck I don't think I've heard before. Thanks for posting.


I enjoyed your two recent posts a lot, Paul. Good tunes, exemplary pickin' - really fine music making. You seem to be playing more of your own tunes lately - which is a good thing, I like every one of your compositions that I've heard so far.

'scuse the slowness in responding to the posts, I've not been here much lately, a situation I'm about to remedy.


Thanks Gary, Baba, and NSM. Hey Neil hope things are good with you? As for me playing more of my own tunes, I've worked out most of my fav Atkins/Reed tunes so not being particularly interested in working out other players stuff I'll do my own. I have been working on a Reed tune for ages but it requires me playing the banjo and until I get it sounding right I won't post it. I have the guitar part done and ready.


Music wise, things are being lots of fun at the moment, thanks! I've been doing lots of steel string acoustic playing, as a result of acquiring a really fine Breedlove guitar, I'll get round to posting something played on it eventually.

Now, on behalf of all the guys... get that banjo part done, we want to hear it!

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