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O’ How I Miss You Tonight


I shared this song with you a while back, but I have been looking for a song to duet with my grand daughter, and this is the one I decided to do. My first grand kid duet, so, it's only fitting that it be with the first grand child. She starts singing with me about halfway through, just after the instrumental interlude. Devon just turned 16 this past year, and I know I am biased, but she is a lovely young lady. She was excited about recording, but still at the same time, just a tad nervous about it, but I thought she did a marvelous job.

Devon has two younger sisters, so I thought I would just show you their Christmas 2018 picture. Pa Pa is so proud of them, and for my daughter and son in law, as they just moved into their new custom built home just before Christmas.

O' How I Miss You Tonight


So beautiful, just a treasure in so many ways. Thank you, Pa Pa. xx


Thank you, Deed. You always say the nice things. My best to you and mi amigo, Señor El Twangero.


Very nice Richard. You both did an outstanding job. Better sign Devon up for more studio time.


That was wonderful Richard, and that gal did a beautiful job!


that was very nice, Richard. your granddaughter seems to be following in her Pa Pa's singing footsteps.


Very nice, Richard, very, very nice indeed!


Lovely, and so special to build that kind of bond with your grand daughter. I look forward to more of her singing :)


Thank you all very much. I thought long and hard before posting this, because she is my grand daughter, and I full well know how it’s so easy for a Pa Pa to over estimate, but you all are very kind. This recording does mean a lot to me, for obvious reasons. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Charlie, the pug. Now there’s the one that is spoiled rotten. The only one who can control him is Axel, my daughter’s full grown German Shepherd. Axel plays with him all day long, but has a way of letting Charlie know that he is getting on his nerves.


That was so beautiful, Richard. This is one to hold in your hearts forever.


Lovely song Richard, I very much enjoyed listening to it. I think that you both have great singing voices. Devon added a very nice touch at the end, her harmony was impressive, and the very well done duet, at the end added to great finish to the piece. I can only imagine the pride in your heart Richard. You are certainly right that Pa Pa's are biased towards their grandkids, but in this instance, your fears were completely unfounded. Both the song and Devon were top drawer, I'm very happy that you decided to share your joy with us. I'm sure you will enjoy it forever, I have a granddaughter, and I know the special place they hold in our hearts. Devon has given you a gift that will not only live in memory, but as something more tangible, to be recalled in its full beauty whenever you wish.


Lovely girls, Pa Pa. Lovely voice as well. Nicely done.


So glad I played this this morn. Very nice! Thank you


Great sounds throughout, the eerie space in the arrangement lends every note, every touch a maximal importance and the whole song just floats on a smooth river of honey.

Love the way your vocals overlap with Devon's before joining together to ascend at the conclusion. What a great, effortless, natural blend.


Thank you all so much. Your comments mean a lot to me. Grand kids are the greatest experience. Of course, you all know that. Out of my 6 grand kids, a guitar player hasn't emerged yet, but all 6 are involved in activities. Nanna and I have been invited to watch the middle grand daughter above, Ashtyn (the one holding the pug), as she rehearses for another national dance competition. She lives and breathes dancing and has won several awards at national level. She also is a member of the OKC Thunder junior dance team, The Raindrops. She was featured in the Christmas halftime show on Dec 23 in Chesapeake Arena. All of this at 12 years old. An amazing little girl.

You all are very kind.


That was lovely mate, when you both sang in harmony sounded great.


Thank you, Taffy. It's always great to hear from you. I should also thank everyone again for allowing me to brag on my grand kids again. I know that's one of those yeah, whatever, moments for most folks, but I appreciate your indulgence.


Just beautiful, and what a great memory you've made with your granddaughter. Thank you!

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