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Now You Are Gone - an original


Hey guys, thought you may like to take a look and hope you like.


WOW! Very nice!

Just a few tasty echos of Chet well placed on your own original palate.

The biggest compliment I can give is that I'd buy that.

More, please.


Well constructed, tuneful and memorable piece of music, perfectly played. Got my day off to a great start - thanks Paul!


There's magic in them thar fingers.

That was very nice. Wish I were nearly as talented.


Fabulous Paul! That non-tempo intro has very haunting quality to it that draws in an audience and quiets down the room immediately. Using the same progressions while adding the toe-tapping bassline settles the tune into a lovely laid back & very relaxing experience for the audience. Also puts a smile on their faces. Just great stuff.


That's just super, Pablo, and, such a nice lady to whom it was dedicated. I have been in love with her for a long time, but I think you stole her heart.


I'm continually amazed by the craftsmanship in your writing and your skillful playing.

That was beautiful!


Da dawn ti.

I always enjoy your videos, but that's my favourite so far.

Irrespective of the fabulous playing, it's just a lovely piece of music.

Now excuse me while I click the replay button


Well, that was just sublime, absolutely fantastic. I especially love the super-quick chord changes at around 2:26 - masterfully executed and clean as a whistle.


Thanks a lot guys, glad you like it.

I got a webcam to make it easier to make a video sitting right at my desk while recording into logic instead of 10 ft away using my handycam squinting at the screen so though this was a good one to try out.


I think that is the most beautiful tune you have written so far Paul, and beautifully played as always!


Lovely tune Paul!

I do love the stripped down, no backing ,solo guitar stuff myself.


This is just beautiful. The world needs as much beauty as it can handle.

You are an amazing guitar player too!

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