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nother one from Rachel


It's late and I'm tired and I really should be going to bed, but as you were all so encouraging about the last stuff we did I wanted you boys and girls to hear Rachel's latest (she hasn't even heard it yet )

Losing You


Fabulous Deke. Same comments from before still apply! Rachel gives one particular quality to the delivery that a lot of singers don't always get and that's a passionate delivery. With these lyrics, you have to pour your soul into what you're singing or the song is a dud and Rachel just oozes passion here. Congrats once again Rachel.


That was a real treat to listen to Rachel. Very well done.

Great recording, too.


I have never heard an angel sing before, but I am convinced that if I did, it would sound like Rachel. Beautiful voice. Many girl singers have a falsetto/nasalish timbre that keeps their voice from being clear and strong. Rachel's voice comes through with complete clarity and strength. I am somewhat reminded of Connie Francis when I hear Rachel sing, but it goes beyond that. Very much her own.


I completely agree with Richard.

One of my regrets was not being in the boardroom when Rachel sang at the Nashville Roundup. Karolyn said it was lovely.


Ah, you guys are the best, thanks!

Dave, you're so right, Rachel can deliver a song to perfection. The amazing thing is she can handle Puccini with equal (or maybe more) ease. She's worked very hard over the years developing her voice and that kind of graft doesn't go unrewarded.

JW, thanks for the compliment re the recording, but with talent like that on the other side of the mic it's a pretty easy gig.

Richard, your words are so kind, you brought a tear to Rachel's eye (I went a little misty myself to tell the truth, but that just between us fellas, right?).

Suprdave, there's always next time...


Wow, Deke... That's a great performance, and a great arrangement/recording.

Listening to this, just the tonality of the recording, the mix, and the delivery, it really sounds like it could have been recorded on the checker-tile floor of RCA Studio B, with Chet or Owen Bradley in the control booth.

Rachel has a great, versatile voice. I raise a pint to her, and a "cheeky half" as well!

BTW-- who is doing the awesome Floyd Cramer impersonation on the keys?


Thanks Rob!

As with all the covers I post of Rachel’s the backing tracks come from a website called Some are GREAT, some are less great, but all are pretty good. The beauty of k-v is that for £1.99 you get the ‘custom’ version, which is unlimited access to a track and can remix it infinitely and change the key.

This one is straight off the site so I take no credit for how great it sounds - I just glued Rachel’s vocal line in - but others that didn’t change key too well I downloaded an instrument at a time and remixed them. This also means I can add/replace any guitar or bass tracks if I want.

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