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Nobody But You


My first attempt at multitrack recording. It's a song I wrote back when when my wife and I were dating. All about fear of committment....(I guess I got past it :D ) Thanks go out to Curt for letting me borrow his Country Club for this. Hoping to some day day record it with real musicians.

Nobody But You


Thanks MMike.


I can't imagine anyone that jumps out of airplanes being afraid of anything. Your voice has a good quality to it. If that was your first shot, then it will only get better. Very enjoyable.


Actually, brother Ray is the 82nd Airborne veteran. I was straight-leg infantry.

My hopes are exactly that Richard: recording will force me to focus on playing/singing better, while learning to mix and balance.

The other objective is getting all my originals documented before I forget them, or can no longer play them.

Thanks for listening, and for the kind words.


Nice job Bob, you're a great singer. I'd clean it up a bit and it'll kill.


Thanks, Curt.
I like this one best of all my writings, so will be working on it until I nail it. I think the tempo needs a little push, too.


Great voice Bob! And loved the guitar work too 8-)


reminds me of cat stevens 8-)


Very good, Bob. I liked it.


Thanks guys. You're too kind. Cat Stevens...that's funny! I'll take it.


Nice Bob. You have a very soulful voice!


Bob, that was terrific. I liked it so much I downloaded it into my iPod.


Nice. I was thinking early BeeGees sounding.


It's an honor to be "Pod'd" by the Bear!

Thanks guys.

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