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Newbie sharing some original Modern Hillbilly/Rockabilly Country


Came to this page looking for information on a Gretsch I bought used in the mid 1980s and discovered an amazing community! Glad to be here. Wanted to share a CD of original material I recorded several years back. This was produced by Billy Idol guitarist Mark Youngersmith in Austin, Texas, where I played quite a bit before the scene started disappearing. I wrote these songs other than the cover of "What's The Matter With the Mill" and played all the guitars along with the lead and harmony vox (except the vocal duet with Dale Watson).

More recently, I've been working on a new record with members of The Texas Tornadoes and Los Texmaniacs.

The picture is from Ginny's Little Longhorn in Austin and was still on the wall last time I was there.



Great stuff! Daisy Red Ryder brought a smile to my face.


Oh now! Great stuff! Thanks for posting it.


Thanks for sharing,i enjoyed those!

Oh,and Welcome aboard sir!


Welcome and thanks for posting.


Welcome aboard! Very cool stuff! Some tasty picking going on. "Stereophonic Honky Tonk in Hi Fi".. love it!
Awesome you got to work with Dale Watson too! I'll bet that was fun. I got to meet him in the Nashville airport a couple years back. Super nice guy. Thanks for posting!


Nice work there! Welcome to the pages !

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