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New (well, sort-of) instrumental


I wrote this song in the mid-nineties, but I was never pleased with the lyrics ( a cheesy love scenario, LOL...), so it's been in the back of my head - poor thing - for all these years. Then recently it hit me that it could make a nice instrumental. Just had to rename it, and the lack of a decent summer over here the last coupla years felt like an appropriately "moody" topic. No, it's not about a sexually frustrated girl named Summer. (Did I just write that...? !#$@% )

So during the easter, my son and I recorded it, using his Mac w/ProTools. He plays drums on it, and I do" the rest". Main melody is played on my Gretsch 6120AM, neck position (TVJ Magna'Tron), then there's a Strat, a double tracked Martin D42LE, and a no-name, cheapo P-bass. Amp: Fender 6G6-B. I realize it would have been better with a Dyna-equippedlead guitar, but I don't have one... 8-o

Anyway, here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

Summer Never Came



VERY nicely done! Sounds familiar, but probably because I can hear the sounds of Duane, Hank (Marvin), and the Ventures in your arrangement. ;-)

I must say you both play impeccably well, adding to my desire to also record something with my own son - roles reversed, however!8-)

Once again, well played and thanks for sharing.:D


nice! that Maggie gets quite close to dyna territory, and i like the echoing Bigsby rhythm guitar on the second-go-round...nicely done!


Anders - that's a lovely tune and it has a great vibe to it! Love the main guitar sound, but the "steel" guitar also sounds ace.

Still got your album in my car!




Wow Jukka, that was really nice. I loved your tone.


Anders, that was terrific, I loved every facet of it! :)


What a great melody... nice playing too. Would have been a hit for Duane Eddy if he'd recorded it in the 60's! :)

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