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New tune, WITH LYRICS!


It's like Dick Dale meets the Munsters! Very cool - I enjoyed that. I'm sure lyrics will come to you, but don't let them hijack the music.


First off- the drums are great!

It's an unusual method for writing- a completely arranged backing track with all the instrumental fillers, riffs, a solo. Great intro and end figure bookend too. All the parts are really nicely devised with nothing to interfere with a vocal melody. There's plenty of space and plenty of reinforcement in all the right places.

This could go a few ways- immediate reaction is to have a listen to a couple of Imelda May songs and see if that gets you somewhere. Even the Ricky Martin template could work well if you're going in a really commercial direction. If you fancy going darker, try Amy Winehouse.

One word of caution- a female can sing a really bitter lyric and it's totally acceptable. If a fellow sings the same words, people just don't dig it.

I let the player continue- Maybe Tomorrow is a super track.


I enjoyed that tune.

And I'd like to nominate Ade for an award: "Most Erudite & Constructively Helpful Commenter on a Guitar Forum, 2018".


I totally agree with Ade’s award!

I thank you all for the comments and thought. It helps a lot. I am thankful for critique, and secondarily appreciative of the kind words.

I’m still looking for ideas as well on where to go lyrically. A theme or saying, or a title... ?

***The other tunes are raw vocals. I’m not done. Some are just single pass to see if I liked where it was going on playback.


Ok, let's stick with a literal surf theme but give it a bit of a darker punch. Keep it upbeat, energising , frothy and fun but with an undercurrent of peril...

The wave is a metaphor for any force that turns out to be a lot more powerful than we thought it to be initially. We first choose to ride the wave, but it can take us away, it can overwhelm us utterly. This can represent a woman, drink, gambling, a supreme being, anything mighty.

There's a kind of wave called a Breaker. It's exhilarating. It can break you.

Any idea or suggestion is positive, even if it's the wrong one- for it will, one way or another, lead you to your Great Idea.


Thank you for your kind thoughts- the fact is that I really enjoy hearing everybody's music. We have these instruments, their purpose is to make music so listening to that music and feeling something, any reaction at all, when someone is creating something new or interpreting an existing work is more revealing and truly significant than any number of words.


Sounds to me like something out of Pulp Fiction if that's of any use to you as a general direction to head in lyrically. Try thinking along the lines of Tarantino-style, bad-a$$ dialogue put to that max-impact tempo. Just a suggestion.


Diggin' that! It seems to stand on it's own, without any lyrics. I likey!


I updated the link. It’s got words!!! Critiques welcomed! Thanks a lot to the guys who have helped me so far! It’s been fun!!


I like that a lot Greg. It's a breathless thrill ride with a dark underbelly- a cautionary tale that's still a hoot. Lovely melody weave and a great harmony line too that just builds and builds.

You've got to be pretty pleased with how this has turned out.


Great sound, Greg. Ade's critiques are always enjoyable. But, yeah, you gotta like that one a lot. I know I do.

Incidentally, I saw your better half yesterday. She is getting prettier every day.


Love the sound of your voice. It fits very nicely. I like this.

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