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Guys and Gals of the GDP, I'm very proud to announce that my band's debut album was just released and it's now available for purchase all over the world! There's a lot of vintage inspired rock n roll on here as well as some great playing by talented dudes. Here is the link to the player on our web site. You can hear all the tracks for free. Please take a listen and let me know what you think. I'd be extremely happy if anyone purchases it! http://www.kickstartrumble....


Digging it!!! I listened to it all through and now I'm on my second round. You're a good singer.


Thanks Buddy, appreciate the listen and the compliment!


Well, I plan on listening to you again during my day today.


I really like that each song has it's own character...diverse songs, arrangements, love the drums, and the vocals just cannot be on! I've listened 3 times and will be making a wise purchase. Kick ass album and perfectly named!


Thanks guys and gals! We worked really hard to create some decent music with a limited budget. There were many pitfalls and roadblocks along the way and it took almost a year from when the first tracks were recorded, to the release. Our band is really trying to "make it" in this very limited market, and we appreciate all your support, so please buy the album, or share the link on Facebook if u can. Thanks again for all the kind words!


I just bought a CD. Maybe this sale will rocket it to #1. Merry Christmas!


Thanks Buddy, we definitely appreciate it! If anyone else would take a listen and possibly review on CDbaby site, or even here on the GDP, that would be great... Merry Christmas to all!


Our music has finally infiltrated iTunes and Spotify as well... if you haven't listened yet, please take a moment. Full tracks can be heard here: I'd really appreciate anyone who'd write a review...maybe send you a free album for the holidays

Thanks for your support and comments!


very nice! I loved every song.vocals are spot-on drugs are perfect and I love the guitar work.


Just a little bump for anyone new who likes original music


Great vocals! Thanks for sharing!


It's been a year, so I'm resurrecting this thread! For anyone who hasn't listened to our original album of vintage rock n roll out of Buffalo, NY.... please give a few songs a try and let me know what you think! Kickstart Rumble

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