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Help! These kids are ridin’ the Crazy Train!


Thanks for the link Deed. Points to Ozzy for his support, too.


Haven't had a lot to smile about these days, that just did it.

Thanks Deed.


I may like this version better than the original! That was awesome.


Talented kids. A couple of my grand daughters would fit right into that.


Great fun!

The bass guitar appears to be longer, than the kid playing it is tall.


Their music teacher should get a medal. -- Deed

Truer words were never spoken. Can you imagine for a moment the absolute bedlam that must occur during rehearsals when each child is noodling away on their instrument. Wow.

It is refreshing to see young people enjoying the fun that making music can provide. I just wish that there were more of them, including the two that have been living under my roof for the last eighteen to twenty years.


So many levels of awesome there. Kudos to the young bass player just sittin' up the back, doing their thing, keeping the groove. A TRUE bass player there lol. POINTS! Big points to Ozzy too!


Wow. That was definitely a worthwhile thing... Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Deed!


I'm grinning ear to ear. That was awesome! Thnx Deed

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