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New ENOS album out now


Hi folks, hope you're all well. My band ENOS's new album 'All Too Human' is out now. You can listen to it at this link : http://stargunmusic.bandcam...

It's on Spotify as well. If you're old school you can buy the CD and if you're eeeeeven older school than that, the vinyl is coming out this year.

I drum on this record but thought it was still worth posting. The album's been getting great reviews all over Europe, and even just outside of Europe too. It's proggy-stoner, so if you're into that then give it a listen :D


Just got a chance to listen to this, Sparky. Damn! Cool stuff. Love the Album art as well. I opened a new window so I could listen while perusing the GDP. DAMN! Cool Stuff!


Wow! I second Dave's remarks! Even about the album art! Good Job!! 8-)8-)8-) (it reminds me of that Heavy Metal soundtrack!)


thanks guys :) I love that 'Heavy Metal' soundtrack. The guy that did the artwork is called Alex Von Wieding who's done a lot of art work for big stoner and metal bands so we were really chuffed to get him. Thankyou again for your kind words :)


Amazing! Love the end of "All too human", throughout the song I was waiting for those crashes to start ringing, :D. Listening to "Left for Dead" now, great harmonies.

You guys can be proud.


Right? I'm listening again.

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