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Mr B - for Bear


Wow Taffy - That was pure soul that beautifully captured the beauty of Steve's soul. I shed a little tear at the first listen......yes because Bear is no longer with us but really that a song touched me that you could create and then play something so wonderful as a tribute to him.

Music can be both powerful and wonderful and you proved it by recording that gift.

My ears will be a repeat customer to this gem....thank you for this creation!


A Damn Beautiful song. Bear would be proud of you.


Bear was a friend to many here. I feel honored to have been able to hang in the Bear cave. Bear would be over the moon hearing this. Well done, and thank you for honoring him in this way. I would love to learn this song.


Oh my goodness Taffy! That is pure beautiful soul felt music. I'm very saddened by your loss of a friend, and I can't think of a better tribute, than what you have done. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


Taffy, you have such a fluid style of playing. I saw this quite a while ago but couldn't stream it until now. I too considered Bear a good friend and know that he first of all would have been honored to be remembered by a song, secondly by a song that he truly would have loved on its own merits and finally by such a great performance by someone that he undoubtedly considered to be a great friend.

I miss the big guy too.


Thanks again guys. I'm glad you think it a fitting tribute as that is what matters more than anything else. I only had the first few bars of the tune idea at the time Steve left us and the rest fell into place after that.

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