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Mr B - for Bear


It took a while but finally did the video of it and hope you guys watch it and remember my good friend. It's coming up to a year since he was gone. A friend that got with me the first time I posted probably a bad version of something but he got in touch and said he loved it and after that we kept in touch throughout. We emailed, we talked on the phone, we connected through this website that I think we forget just what it means to some of us. I moved to Tennessee and was so happy to be within reach of driving up to Louisville and finally meet up. He died that month and I was so upset/pissed off you can't know. I was working on a tune at the time and so thought it would be a good tribute to Steve so called it Mr B.


Holy moly!

Way to go, man. That was fantastic.


Fabulous stuff Paul. Steve has a big 'ol smile on his face for this tune and he's lookin' out for ya'!


100% beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.


Fabulous stuff Paul. Steve has a big 'ol smile on his face for this tune and he's lookin' out for ya'!

– Windsordave

I think of him often but especially when I play this Dave. It's kind of become his tune for me and a reminder of the times we spent on the phone chatting for hours sometimes ending with me at 6 am Cali time saying I have to go to work lol.


Lovely, Paul. I can see that big ol' Bear grin from here, as he sways that huge frame of his to the beat.


I'm holding back a tear. That was very cool and what a great tribute.


That was fabulous, Taffy!

I think that I recall you previously posting the audio of that song. I greatly enjoyed watching you play it in this clip.


Excellent! Bear’s not the only one smiling.


Lovely tune Paul, and played with great affection.


very nice, Paul. I was thinking of Steve just the other day. thanks for posting the song.


Beautifully done! Wow. What a nice tribute song. Way to go, Paul !


Exquisite! A fitting tribute to Steve, thanks so much for posting!


Touching sentiment and played with understated, consummate Taffy style and skill.


Whoa! Perfectly tasteful throughout. Melody stuck in my head. And you didn’t end the song with a flashy flourish of showy notes, because everything had already been said... it just.... ended! Spectacular. Of course, we all know Bear would have dug the heck out of it to no end. Thanks for making my day. BTW, how is that guitar tuned?


Thanks everyone Troy its in regular tuning.


Nice song and playing . Very nice tribute to our friend brother Bear. Miss his wonderful smile.


What a tribute to Steve! Thank you so much!


Wow Paul, what a great tune!

I was lucky enough to meet and jam with Bear several times and I'll forever be grateful for those memories!


Great tune Paul and very nicely played, too.

Is there a CD of Taffy tunes available?

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