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Mr B - a tune for my friend Bear


Bear was the first person here to reach out to me after I posted one of my tunes back in 2011 the year I joined this great group of people. He as always gave me a thumbs up and encouragement and from that point on we became firm friends and would email and chat on the phone regularly. I never got to meet him and was looking forward to the possibility of just that when I moved close to Nashville at Xmas being not that far a drive to Louisville, KY. It wasn't to be and fate struck a blow that I still am angry about.

I literally started writing this tune the day before I heard the sad news and from then on it took on a new meaning and a life of it's own. I thought how the basic idea I had would I'm sure have had Steve giving me yet another thumbs up and how it made me feel so continued with it with Bear always in my mind.

So this is for you my friend and every time I play it I'll be thinking of you.

Mr B


As always Paul, just amazing. I didn’t hear or feel the melancholy of loss, but the happiness of life. I was smiling the whole tune. What a fitting tribute.

Well done my friend.


That was lovely, and as PowDog said, bright and cheerful. Thank you for sharing it with us.


That's a beautiful tribute to a friend Paul. So very well played, too. You continue to impress.


That's a beautiful song, Paul. Thank you for sharing.


Sweet tune. Bear would have approved heartily.


Great job! I love your playing and this one tops them all. Maybe its the subject matter. Had just the right amount of whimsy to represent Bear. Perhaps a bit of poignancy but mostly had a flair to it that could represent Bear's mostly positive attitude.


Not to overlook your brilliant collection of tunes you've written Paul, but this is your finest work to date! There are a lot of moving pieces at play in this tune and they work together perfectly, like a Swiss watch.

IMO, this is the finest played tune I've ever heard on this website.....and it's an original to boot! Chet & Jerry pay attention when you play.


Very nice. I was anticipating something a little different when hearing the first 20 seconds. Impressive.


Exceptionally fine songwriting & playing, Taffy.

So nice, I played it twice.


very nicely done, Paul. as I was listening, I could see Steve sitting there with a big ol' smile on his face. thank you for sharing.


Well done and well played, Taffy! What a lovely and fitting tribute to our friend, Steve!


I can just imagine Bear's smiling face, head held back, eyes closed, listening in approval. What a fantastic tribute. Thanks for sharing.


I see a big ol' Bear grin in my mind. Outstanding, Taffy. I'll be thinking about Bear today. Again.

Thanks, Richard


Lovely, happy (like our Bear) and beautifully written and played. Thanks.


I think Bear would have had tears of joy hearing this song. I don't think he would have understood why you wrote a song for him let alone an amazing composition like this.

I've also had great correspondence with Bear over the years. He was very helpful to me when I was just learning how to build and wire up electric guitars.

I think this song should be on repeat at the entrance to Disneyland and Disneyworld. It makes me feel whole, peaceful and joyful. You are a monster player.


Beautifully played tune sir.


That was exquisite, thank you for sharing, Taffy.


Beautiful Paul - Bear would have loved it. A really lovely mix of the simple and the sophisticated, beautifully and seamlessly blended, and played expressively. Major props to you for this one, it's a joy to listen to.


Absolutely nailed it!


Feeling your love


Wow, what a fantastic song. Left me speechless for a while just thinking of the subject matter behind it.

You've outdone yourself brother.

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