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Eddie Cochran - Fourth Man Theme (Guitar Cover)


Just a fun little experiment after learning Eddie Cochran's 'Fourth Man Theme'. Although I think subconsciously I must have been going for a 50s cartoon intro vibe, ha Cheers!


Another round of excellence! This was too much fun to watch and listen to.


Thanks a lot man, it's much appreciated and I'm really happy that you liked it

I had a small accident and was unable to play for many months last year after I bashed my hands in, I messed up my thumbs and wrists uffffff I've spent the last months getting back into it again with my teaching and other stuff like that, I guess that's why I'm in video overload mode at the moment, ha

Cheers man!


Thanks a lot Nitro! I originally recorded a version basically like Eddie's but it just didn't feel right and just kind of plodded along, unlike Eddie's version which has a lot of charm and spirit to it, maybe it needed the acoustic. Out of frustration I just started playing a sped up version and the above was created, ha Cheers man!


We play a version in our band's set that is a straight lift from Eddie's version, but I ain't no Eddie Cochran so as you just sort of plods along. We usually include it in an opening set if we're playing a restaurant venue where a little 'dinner music' is required before we rock it out in later sets.

The plodding isn't helped by our drummer who has got into the habit of saying in his best cheesy lounge singer voice "Thank you folks...we're here all week" in the middle of the number


Thank you Bob!

That's cool Nitro, I'm sure it works a treat much better live, great man! ....haha oh dear, I can just imagine the drummer


Lovely cut Steb. Great timing, really crisp on the turnarounds, cool use of the capo and, perhaps most importantly, you've put your own distinctive stamp and personality to the tune.

The sharp eleven at the finish ices a very tasty cake!


Great fun, steb!

– Bob Howard



Lots of fun and a nice touch throughout!


I also liked that one a lot, steb74. Lots going on there with four guitar tracks.


Thanks a lot folks, I really appreciate the nice comments! I'm trying to figure if I could do a '16 of me' version and what song I could do, ha .....just kidding, that could cause some serious eye damage, ha

Thank you for the little breakdown ade, very nice of you to point those things out. I'd use the sharp eleven all the time if I could, ha Cheers!

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