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Loweland’, my tribute


For the last couple of months i've been busy on a project i wanted to do for a long time. Do an album all by myself. I have a cosy little studio where i recorded quite a lot of bands, so i have all the stuff to make a decent recording and a bit of experience.

The problem is that i don't write songs, so i had no content. Last year i got the idea to do a record with songs from Nick Lowe, a big infuence for me for songwriting and recording.

Other than the photo's for the cover and the songs i did everything myself (and be warned, i don't consider myself a singer!). I played all the instruments, sang, recorded, mixed and 'mastered' the album, designed the cover and burned exactly 100 cd's (all numbered, of course!).

Last weekend i posted it on facebook and i am amazed that after one week, there are only four copies left!

For me, besides the fun of it, it was one heck of a learning experience and of course it isn't the next Sgt Pepper or Dark Side, but i'm quite satisfied how it turned out.

Just for fun, i made a video of one of the songs. My first video (gotta learn that too!). Of course there's a Gretsch in the video!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Hi Will, Nick Lowe has a strong following in Cardiff in Wales which is where I come from due to his connection with Dave Edmunds who is from Cardiff too. As you know they did a lot of music together so good to hear Nick's work being appreciated. I do all of my own recording too so I know where you're coming from on that aspect with how much it takes to put something together. Thanks for posting mate :)


Very cool . . . I enjoyed hearing your take on that song.

A Gretsch, a Guild, & a friendly feline. What's not to like?




Great job, Will. Your vocal is very relaxed and comforting, somehow, which fits nicely with the song. And your video was also nicely done. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for bringing this thread back to life Will, I missed it before.

I’m on a smartphone right now, so I’ll check this out as soon as I can through decent speakers.


Will, I got a chance to hear your IKTB today. Very cool indeed. I love the deep growly guitar you have going on there. I love the fact you've chosen to do Nick's version rather than Dave's I love Dave's version (of course), but it's nice to hear someone taking Nick's version and doing it their way. Good stuff indeed.

I'm going to download the rest of the album and put it on my iPod so I can play them in the car if that's OK...?


Thank you Deke!

Because the original 100 cd's were sold out pretty quick, i put the stuff on my soundcloud.

For the people who prefer downloads, here's the link to the cd in wav, flac and mp3, including cover art. (zip) or (rar).

Feel free to download it!


Btw: i even got Nick to sign my copy!

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