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Spare parts trem-o-drive build


A few weeks ago whilst rummaging around at the Habitat for humanity ReStore I found two NIB 120-12V 500ma transformers for $1.50 each. I had remembered that a pair would work for small tube projects so I grabbed them. I decided to try the Ricktone Trem-o-drive circuit that has been floating around on the internet forever, but make it in a pedal format. I had almost all the pieces in my spare parts box so it really cost me less than $10 for the experiment


I folded up a quick chassis, powdercoated it textured green

 photo P_20170528_105139_zpsmaittzc0.jpg

and made a tiny eyelet board because I wasn't feeling like terminal strips at the time.

 photo P_20170528_172508_zpsbw10mdrg.jpg

The result? It's neat. The trem is decidedly spartan, which is what I like. I would not do the boost button again, at least not like the schematic. Instead I would make it a two knob, one switch with a fixed value resistor so it could be just a tremolo with no boost at all.

As it is if you set it up as a boost it is useless for trem and vice versa.

I will probably poke around at it a bit more to decide if it will stick around or get torn down for other projects.


Looks pretty cool! You might want to put a roll cage over that tube though.

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