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Linda On My Mind


I hope you all are not upset at me because I will tell you openly that this is a purchased backing track, with my vocal overdubbed. Glorified Karaoke I guess, but anyway, I have always loved this song. It has such a good country feel to it, and my bucket list has some strange items on it, but one down. I wouldn't dare put this song on anywhere but here because I have known many Lindas in my lifetime, and I just know that someone would be trying to read between the lines here, but understand, I ain't got nothing going on with anyone named Linda, or Lynda. The track is excellent, I think. Good rhythm section, good back ground vocal, and a killer steel. If this goes against your grain, I hope you'll give me a pass this one time.

Linda On My Mind


I enjoyed your karaoke experiment, and promise not to tell your wife about your infidelity with "Linda".


Love it!! BEAUTIFUL vocal work by you, Richard!! Wow!

I commented here on the GDP -- maybe a decade ago (longer?) -- that your voice sounds so like my all-time favorite, Marty Robbins.

I am so jealous ..... Thanks for posting.


I appreciate it, fellas. That era of country music was my favorite. That particular one is my favorite Conway Twitty song. Thank you all for humoring me and allowing me to do this, just this one time.



Boy, that was a treat! Vocals are spot on and what a classic tune. Your voice does remind me of Conway with a touch of Marty Robbins. C and W from the 60's is my favorite era. Thanks for posting this. It's been too long for me to hear a Richard Hudson song.


I sure appreciate it, BigJim. Hope everything is going well your way.


Well I dug it. A long time standard of my own honky-tonk act. Say did you ever make a decision on your acoustic amplifier search? I have been looking into Roland Cube series, they seem to be quite inexpensive have two channels and are quite light weight. I am interested to see what you chose.


I haven't done anything yet, Spike. I really don't have any gigs to play, except I was just thinking about trying to do the local private party thing. I have a Peavey Escort PA system which is fairly compact, so I may just use that by itself because I can plug my guitars into it. We'll see. Kinda in a transition phase right now.


Love it, Richard. Miss ya, buddy.


Once again you deliver the goods. It sounds great!

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