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Killer sounding 5120 with 2000 pickups


Not sure how to post music here, but I'll try. I thought y'all might want to hear my 5120 with the DeArmond 2000's. This was into a '56 Deluxe. I think it's a great sound.

Li nk


Waiter, fetch me an extra helping of that delicious Xtra-Confident Boogie.


Killer! I like the way the sax and the guitar frequencies complement each other.


good, very good. Have you a picture of the 5120 with the pickups ?


Sounds great, Charlie!


Rockin' stuff, Charlie.


The song, BTW, is about my parents and takes place in Brooklyn in 1956. It was recorded live in the studio and I screwed up the words, but when we punched in the right words it wasn't as good a take so we used take 1. The first time I heard it, though, all I could thing was, DAMN that geetar sounds good! Maybe not a traditional Gretsch twang with the cranked 5E3, but I DIG it! I'm reminded why this guitar was my #1 for a couple years.


That is killer Charlie and my loss for losing out on a week of listening to it but better late than never! It's a sharp groove boogie with all the ingredients cooked perfectly and then......THAT 5120 shines on its own!!!!

I'll be listening to it often. 1 more thing..... After getting my 5126 with the DA 2000s, I have learned to never be surprised what it can do.


Thanks for the props on the song. I wanted folks to hear that guitar tone, but I was, of course, hopeful for a couple compliments...

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