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Just digging my Silverjet…


The older I get, the more I'm bonding with my (almost fretless now) Silverjet.

I'm itching to get back to playing billy again, but here's a bit of church music (U2ish or as close as I can get):

I'm not much of a U2 player, but I'm digging how you can do a lot with a Silverjet even at low volumes (and combining Tavo's Dynobrain with my RE-20 gives you a lot of room to work even with the amp at 1!)



You're a very kind and considerate man. It looks like the acoustic player maybe lost the chord sequence, but you took the blame.

The Silver Jet sounded good in this context, strong sonic texture.

I also enjoyed how you said 'Good Evening' in the daytime. Clearly a fellow who's used to playing a show in the dark hours!



Ha ha ha ha! Yes--i got into gig mode and said 'good evening' without thinking. My acoustic player hasn't played a lot with other people--i should have let him know how to end it--my fault there. But what we do is meet Friday night, go over a few songs and wing it. Apart from me, every week it's a new group, but I'm really digging it. More song variety than I expected.

The hardest thing is to get any sound out of an amp set one 1. But the dyno is a huge help there.


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