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Joy To The World” - Version 1


Here's my rendition of the Christmas tune "Joy To The World".

The background is a karaoke. My Gretsch was in the shop, so I used a Taylor GS Mini. An Irig was used to upload to the computer. A few effects added.

I hope this helps bring you some Holiday cheer!


This is perfect! Thank you for creating this, playing it so beautifully and posting it. It's helping my Christmas Spirit move in the right direction.


Thanks for your comments guys. Much appreciated!


You should post more often.


Yes Baba Joe, I would like to. But I get the feeling that most of the folks on this board go for somewhat of a different style of music than what I play. I initially started playing the Chet alternating thumb style and still do. But eventually I leaned toward a jazz chord-melody style. Most of my uploads are played in this manner. Been playing on and off for over half a century. Makes me feel old!

I don't see a lot of other players around here using that particular style. Chet used it often on his recordings and I gravitated to it.

Anyway, I'll certainly take you up on your suggestion. I'll be putting up a few more tunes in the near future.

Thanks for the heads up.


Gene, your style may not be the most prevalent here, but I think that a number of GDPers appreciate talent regardless of style. I have mostly not played over the past half century. My primary musical preferences are mostly in the rock genre, but still enjoy your posts. Keep ‘em coming.


Well Joe, I took your advice and put up another tune. It's "Que Sara, Sara" (What Will Be, Will Be"). Doris Day had the most recognized version and my video shows pictures of her.

I heard Chet's version years ago and told myself that I had to give it a shot. His arrangement was my guide for my rendition. Two keys. Thanks for the motivation!

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