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Put the iPhone on video and found a beat on my garage band and adlibbed "WALK LIKE AN ANGEL, BUT I NEED YOU TO BREATH"


MPV, it's so admirable to share any song- creativity leaves us exposed in many ways especially with a song in such a raw state. This first spontaneous moment of composition the shows your song having form and performance with good potential to be refined and finessed.

You've got good chord changes here, some strong melody outlines and a valid lyrical theme. The idea is very strong, it's worth taking this song further. Much of the work is done, it just needs some editing and crystallising. Perhaps putting the capo back a couple of frets so your voice is in a more comfortable register. Playing it again and again, writing the lyrics down- just doing this might be enough.

You always get a great guitar sound. It's some way along the Edge/Jeff Buckley road this time.


Spacey! I like the sound. Certainly a start for a new song. i agree with Ade.


I dug the heck out of this.


Ade said it well. That song has some good roots to grow. Have fun with it.


Thanks guys I put a new song recently on iTunes and all outlets check this out I really don’t know how i adlibbed this as well put your headphones on for best results listening on a phone without them is not as good

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