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I’m only Sleeping (Beatles)


Here a Beatles tune, the original was varyspeeded from E to Eb, mine is in Eb. It was recorded on 27th, 29th April, 5th May,1966 Abbey Road 3, and 6th May Abey Road 2.

The effect Lennon wanted on his voice was created by speeding up and down which in the end made the track a semitone lower.

My Recording:-

USACS Strat for lead and backing> TVS3> Vox AC30 H2> U87 Mic> Focusrite ISA430 Producers Pack> Mackie D8B Desk and HDR.

Gibson Les Paul for soft harmony, BFD2 Drums, Fender Jazz Bass, Yamaha Acoustic.

Hope you like!



Cool, man! I really liked the backward guitar stuff. Nice touch!


Very nice Sir,i love the Hank Marvin feel going on there.8-)


How did you do the backward guitar?


Nice to the ninth power! I particularly liked the adaptation of the backup vocal parts to guitar -- that was a sweet touch, and revealed the great arrangement residing in the original recording.



How did you do the backward guitar?

-- guitarcapo

First can I say thay my bt is in perfect synce with the original, you get a better feel this way as it speeds up and down in the right places.

The original was recorded backwards onto my main HDR so when its now played the reverse guitar is the right way round and the notes can be worked out...well it's not as easy as that because on some sections there are two guitars playing and on the end there are many (George Martin used tape loops for this) and it's not easy to hear the notes because of everything else that's going on. The guitar is played along with the original, when each section is done, it's played backwards to check that it's ok.

Once it's all done, it's played backwards onto another HDR, and then it's recorded from there back to the main HDR. The track now has to be lined up with my bt which is not that difficult because there are main reference points and once these are synced then everything is.

It's just the case then of checking everything and adjusting here and there, adding some eq etc, and that's it.



Very cool.

Just what is an USACS Strat? It sounds more like a resonator guitar somehow.


NICE! Thanks for that. Lots of fun.


Very cool. I know that would have taken some brain/production work to get it so right. Reminds me how great Lennon's voice is on this.

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