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Thank you, jloud. It's good to have you on board here. And, you are right. This is a great group. The longer you stay, the more you will feel the family type atmosphere. This is my first opportunity to welcome you to the GDP. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Thanks for taking the time to post the welcome Richard. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay. I'm a long time Chet fan. I bought my first Gretsch in 1974. It was a Tennessean. A few years later a friend came to visit with an original 1954 blue Ford F100 stepside and asked if I'd trade. I didn't at first but he kept asking and finally I swapped. I've regretted it ever since. Sometimes I get depressed thinking about it. I've got a 5125 at the moment and it plays pretty well. One of these days I'll try to get something better.


Today, Mar 20, is Jerry Reed's birthday. He would have been 75 today. What a bundle of talent was the Alabama Wildman. SON!!! He was an actor (Smokey and The Bandit, et al), he was a songwriter (too numerous to mention), a singer (he could make you laugh and he could make you cry), and he had his own unique way of playing guitar that you couldn't keep from tapping your foot every time he would start that clawing.

Jerry Reed Hubbard. He could do it all, and he did it well.


Yes he did Richard, there is a youtube video of him and Chet playing Jerry's Breakdown I think, where Jerry has his right index finger tucked under, and is using his thumb and his other fingers, he was so talented! I got to see him in concert at the Executive INN in Owensboro,KY many years ago, he was quite a character! Also saw Chet at the same venue at another time.


Yep Jerry was THE man for me without a doubt, best picker ever:D

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