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I’ll Say She Does


Here is a tune I love from Jerry Reed and the only time he played it with Chet that I've heard is on a you tube video for a TV show so I thought I'd record a Chet & Jerry version of my own. I hope I've captured some of the feeling from that clip in this recording.

I'll Say She Does


Great playing, Taffy. Quite by coincidence I have resurrected this old Jerry/Chet tune myself. Fortunately, for you guys, I still don't have my recording computer back. :) Chet and Jerry were a great recording team. Jerry Reed was a songwriting machine back then.

Good job.


SON!!! Paul you caputured both players just great. BRAVO, wonderful job.


Way cool . . . really enjoyed that, Taffy. 8-)

My wife asked recently why I enjoy visiting this forum . . . getting to hear skilled musicians (such as you, Richard Hudson, et al.) who I would otherwise never know about, was a big part of my answer to her.


Thanks guys, Geoguy, that's one of the reasons I like this forum too, there are some talented people here. Richard, I'll be interested to hear you play this too, hope you post it one day. Chet and Jerry's albums are probably the best guitar albums I've heard along with anything Django played :)


Awesome, Taffy! I really, really enjoyed this.


Really nice, musical, clean playing as usual :)

  • of course my adoptive Welsh team won too......double whammy!

Thanks Neil, lets see how this weekend pans out though ;-)


FB its a 6120 LTV and a Cordoba flamenco with prismatone pickup.


Fully captures the essence of Chet & Jerry.


And thank you.


Your welcome Richard and thank you for listening. :D I've recorded a few of these Chet and Jerry recordings and I'm pretty happy with this one.


Paul that was just fantastic.


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