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If You Could Read My Minored


I wanted to develop my ability to solo over minor chord progressions, but really, how much Santana can one guy play? So I thought, what if I take a song in a major key and turn it into a minor key, and adjust the melody to fit, and any other bright Ideas I might come up with. And heck, why not do it to a Gordon Lightfoot song like "If You Could Read My Mind." So I started working out the changes, and came up with a somewhat swingier rhythm, and by the time I got done with it, it was dang near danceable, 30-bar verses notwithstanding. I never got around to trying to solo over it, at least not yet, but I started to like it, and wrote out a chart for it, then promptly changed the key up a step so I could sing it better, and last night I felt like recording a demo of it. So here it is.

After putting this up on Facebook, one of my long-time musician friends challenged me to do the same thing to another Lightfoot song, the somewhat more whimsical "Rainbow Trout," and even though I wasn't drinking, I took up the challenge. That's up on my channel, too, but much rougher than this demo.


That's pretty imaginative. Keep it up.


The theme song from from the original cartoon Spiderman show is a great minor blues with a swinging beat. I've heard a killer manouche/gypsy version as well, but it seems to have disappeared from the internet airwaves.


This is a neat experiment, but I think going minor requires a slower tempo for the sake of the lyrics. Maybe wider intervals, too, but it's hard to say! Really challenging from a technical standpoint.


Another possible project: You Only Live Twice, which sounds minor, but isn't. Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again is the same way, IIRC. Chorus has a similar shape to this tune.


Comes down to modes more than key sigs, really.

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