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I Played Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion and Sang on This Guy’s EP


I've been working on an album of my original songs at D.M. Gremlin Recording Studios in Long Beach, CA and just like anywhere you hang out for a while you get to know the people who walk in and out of the door and in the best case scenarios become friends with them.

Paul Muschinski is a songwriter, singer and guitar player that has also been utilizing the studio to record his original songs for a while now. I was originally hired by him to play drums on his latest batch of songs which I was more than happy and grateful to do. After we got to know each other and he realized I like to play guitar and sing too he also asked me to play all the acoustic guitars to supplement his electric guitars, play percussion like tambourine, shakers and bongos and to sing the harmony vocals on these recordings. He even wanted me sing lead on one of his songs called Fuzzy / Dizzy (as long as I was able to sing it exactly how he wanted me to!). I didn't really understand why he would want me to play guitar and sing on his songs since he is perfectly capable of doing it himself but again I was happy and grateful for the opportunity. The name of the band is Herd of Us. For this musical project I'm like the other guy in The Black Keys not named Dan.

These recording sessions yielded a 6 song EP titled Lucidum Intervallum and is now available on Spotify, iTunes and CD Baby. Paul labels the genre of music "Snot Rock". From my perspective it sounds like Shoegaze Pop Rock.

Herd of Us



Always a great thing to be pulled in and exposed to other people's ideas and projects.

It really sounds like he's got a ton of confidence in you, too. That's got to be an ego rub, eh?


That sounds really good.

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