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I've now raised your annual income by a millionth of a cent by checking out your album on Tidal

First impression goes to the songwriting, and how good you are at giving each song a disctinct feel. Cudos!

I don't feel I can say much more after just one run-through, and royalty (the 2019 Abbey Road LP) is waiting, so I'll just have to earn you some more big money by listening again later

– fuzzpop

fuzzpop, I'm really excited and grateful that you listened to it! Thank you very much for the songwriting Cudos too. I really appreciate your recognition.

I didn't know how Giles Martin could improve on the mix of Abbey Road since it was from my ears The Beatles best sounding album to begin with but he did it. It's even more clear, warm and punchy than the great original mix already was.


October 4 a year ago is when I released my album. Oh man has a lot happened to all of us on this bright. blue world since then that I could have never possibly foreseen or even have ever imagined! I've always been the drummer in bands I've played in or even the bass player on a couple of occasions so I was apprehensive about putting it out at all but then I realized, what's the worst thing that could happen? People will either like it or they won't and that's great! Anyway, it's a year later and I'm excited to report I'm still happy with it. I hope if this music is for you that you dig it too! If you haven't heard it yet the album is made up of straight ahead, simple guitar based groove songs. There is nothing flashy in the musicianship. It's all about the songs.

I have just started going back into the studio to work on some new songs I started before the lockdown last week. There was little to no activity over the spring and summer this year.

I've been thinking of recording any new guitar tracks with just my Duo Jet and Corvette to produce "All Gretsch" guitar tones. I guess it will all depend on what a particular song calls for in the moment but only using these 2 guitars is entirely possible for what I'm trying to achieve with most of the guitar tones I hear in my head. The Corvette is a mahogany slab with HiLotrons and I've noticed that HiLotrons in their most basic sense sound like very underwound P90s. Whenever I would find a Les Paul Junior or Special that would tempt me I would consciously remind myself that I already have a better Gretsch version! I really love listening to and playing my Duo Jet more than ever now. Since I had the Gretsch Dynasonics rewound it has made an already amazing guitar even better. Not only do they balance the output and tone but it feels like the whole guitar is more balanced as a player also. I don't have a scientific explanation except that maybe the lower wind neck pickup produces less string pull. I thought any magnetism resulting in string pull would come from the poles though. If I have any say in the matter the Gretsch Duo Jet is the one guitar I will keep if all the others have to go for any reason until I ride out into the sunset of eternity. I sit 3 feet away from it every day while working from home just wanting to pull it out of the case, plug in and play!


All Gretsch or all Jet would be cool. Go for it!

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