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I Knew The Bride


Here's my tune about somebody gettin' married. 5120 with Dyna 2000s and a '56 Deluxe. Link


We like Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds, so we wheel out I Knew The Bride if we ever get asked to play at a wedding. We just hope the groom has a sense of humour -- if not we say it was a request from one of his mates.


Guys, you are all very kind. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Charlie, I’m away from home on a smartphone so I’ll hold off listening to yours until I can hear it on decent speakers.


Really nice cut, Deke. Crisp, vigorous energy. Top notch vocal. Totally assured playing throughout. It's got the swagger, my man!


Thats was really good, love the stutter on the DAUGHTER, pretty much sums it up. Charlie your playing sounds strong and right on the money.


Thanks, fellas! I like the way that one turned out. I messed up the words, but it was a good take so we kept it. That's rock and roll!

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