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Holger and me - duet number 3


This is the third of an occasional series of duets played by Holger Bogen and myself - Holger and I have never actually met each other in person, the duets are the result of audio and video files going back and forth between Berlin, Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland. They’re lots of fun to do, and on this occasion, the files were all passed on to fellow Gretschie Geoff Vane, who produced the final version - he did a fine job!

The tune is a swing standard entitled “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” - I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it


That was great!

Fabulous, tasteful playing & clever graphics that suited the feel of that song.


This makes me smile. We done, all around!


Very nice! All three of ya.


Wow! That was fantastic. But then, after seeing the earlier ones, I expected nothing less.


Very enjoyable guys,brilliant!


Man, I must have listened now 10 times. Your playing really suits each other very well and the leads are a great example of what we've touched upon recently which is tone in the fingers. Even listening, and NOT watching, I can tell which player is playing and you both have a different tone and they're both very nice. Geoff did a solid job on the video edit, too.


Glad y'all like it. Real nice playing.


Very nice! But Geoff, where did you get all these similar TV sets?


Absolutely terrific guys!!!! What a fantastic toe-tapper!!


Haha Blue Flame, I bought ten back then in case one would explode. But now at the 4K age they all still work.


Great work all round, guys -- playing, arrangement and video production. Jeez there are some clever folks on this board. Next please.......!


This is great stuff--the aural equivalent of a big pile of soft chocolate chip cookies.



Great video. Very high class playing. Geoff that was very creative editing.


Great! I love the "Chester & Lester" vibe you (unintenionally?) gave the track!



Thanks to all of you for taking the trouble to watch, listen and comment - I appreciate it greatly.

I hope we put smiles on the faces of y'all as big as the one your words put on mine. :)


Absolutely wonderful! I find myself more and more, being drawn to this kind of music. Well done guys, you are a duet made in Gretsch heaven.


Great! I love the "Chester & Lester" vibe you (unintenionally?) gave the track!


– gretschoholic

Unintentional, but now that you mention it....... :)

Also - thanks Wade :)


Good stuff there Neil, I like the vid too


Thanks Paul :)


As always, consummate playing in a sparkling arrangement, where faultless technique never overshadows the groove.

It's a little unfair, though, because both you guys can really play.


Your duets are always so enjoyable. Two distinctive styles and approaches, funnelled into a common purpose. I love those moments when you dance in step then spiral off into freewheeling adventure again.

It's a great old tune. I practice this one daily!

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