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Hellfire Devilles demos


Here’s some links to our soundcloud thingy. I’m playing a Phoenix on everything ( it’s the only electric I have! ) Recorded these demos on a Boss br 900cd with a couple of condensor mics. Most of the guitar was through the fx on the boss or live in the rehearsal room through a battered Roland cube. Hope some of you enjoy it, no traditional Gretsch sounds here I’m afraid mind you!


Agh for some reason one track can’t be found so please excuse the multiple blank post. Anyhow these are just a few from the album we’re making. Hope the ones that do play are of interest. Thanks again.


Rock and roll baby! Thanks for posting your music.


There’s more but we’re saving it for the cd. Glad you like it and it’s good to have such places to share your stuff


Is there a profanity blocker on here? One song title is a bit much for some tastes... i think that's why it's not found via the link. comes up as Call the 'smurfin' cops!

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