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Flotatone Amp: Need Advise Replacing Piping/String/Trim


A few months back I picked up an old trashed Flotatone amp and sent the chassis off to Josh aka JBGretschguy. He did a great job bringing it back to life. It sounds great. Thanks Josh!

The amp's original speaker was missing, it now has a Weber 12A125A. And the baffle was damaged so I reinforced it with a thin veneer. So far so good.

The cab is missing some piping on one side. I found a spool of leather-like-string that looks close enough, but I'm not sure about attaching it. Is it held on with just tension, or is glue involved? It wraps the amp and is tied off inside the cab.

Here are a couple of photos of an amp like mine. The brown string/piping can be seen at the seams between the red & white tolex/vinyl.



I did find this youtube video, but it stops before the installation is complete.


Thanks for any pointers.


Don't we have a resident expert on piping on the GDP?


Ok, I will try.you start at one end ( usually the bottom) by working the piping into the groove and stapling or tacking it in place. Once it is set in the groove you stretch the piping so it gets thinner and guide it along with a chopstick or something similar . Work your way along keeping the tension even and tight until to get around to the back and then just tack it into the groove at the other end. The real trick is to keep the piping stretched so it thins out enough to lock in the groove once the tension relaxes. Does that make sense?


Thanks Gary, I'll give it a shot this weekend. The original piping has a cotton like string/twine core. The stuff I found is solid faux leather. Hopefully it can take the tension without sagging or tearing. If not, does anyone have a link for another source?


Bryan, If you have a major sporting goods shop with fly tying supplies in your area look for the piping there. Only other thought is an upholstery shop. Good Luck!


I have piping, but those links don't work so I can't see what you need.

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