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Gretschoholic - the song


Hei gang,

My band Built For Speed are thinking about (re-)releasing our three CDs on vinyl. The first two are long since sold out, and we made them available for streaming just a couple of years back. Quite a few have requested that we make vinyl, and in retrospect I wish we'd done it years ago, while the price was still reasonable. Anyway, it's a question of money, and with all gigs gone, there's not much of it (money, that is), so the process has kinda stopped after having them remastered for vinyl.

But while listening to our old albums (which I don't really do much of), it dawned on me that I should let y'all hear the title track of our 2004 release, "Gretschoholic ... and Other Love Songs". Fun fact about the chord progression at the end of the chorus - which you may or may not wanna believe: I wrote the song before Setzer released Ignition.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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