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Georgia On My Mind


I won't bore you with details, but this past year has been sumpthin' else for the Hudson clan, but, it's looking better, thank God. My son, ol' Seanny boy, has a good job starting in a few days in Savannah, GA. That's good, and also bad. I'm losing my old pal, as he just lives a couple of blocks from me, but I'm happy that he finally has found a good job, even if it is about 1100 miles away. It sucks, but I'm happy anyway.

So, as a send-off, I got a wild hair this afternoon and plugged in my guitar, hooked up a microphone, and here is what came out. I'm playing and singing at the same time here, one time through - clams and all. No compression, but SoundCloud adds it whether you like it or not. That aggravates the pee-wadden out of me, but the service is free, so you can't gripe too much.

Hot off the press. Here it is.



Very nice Richard!.....very, very relaxin'.


That was a delightful listen . . .thanks for sharing, Richard.


I sure appreciate you guys taking time to listen. That has always been one of my favorite mood songs.


A very long time ago I wrote out a 4 part a capella chart for Georgia, including the full intro. It wasn't a barbershop chart as the melody was the top part (mine), not the usual BBS arrangement with the melody below the top (tenor in BBS) part. It was killer! One of the greatest songs of all time.


Richard, that was exquisite. Thanks for sharing.


very nice, Richard. very relaxing. thanks for posting it.


Great relaxing mood song well done.


Just beautiful. Made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Thanks for posting Richard - expressive singing of a great song, backed up by a perfectly played and conceived guitar part.


Love it! Thanks for posting.


Late to this one one, Richard. This is superb- you mean every note, every word.

And that little cadenza on the end!

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