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Frankincense - The Colorfics


In the Colorifics I'm always searching for new musical avenues to explore.I wrote this because I wanted something with a middle eastern vibe, something exotic. However my concept of the middle east was derived from old hollywood films like Lawrence of Arabia(Peter Otoole) Great stuff! but more of romantic view of the area than a factual one. As usual it's a bit of a hodgepodge, the song has a bolero beginning and basically a beguine rhythm. It's in the solo that the 'Super' in my super reverb really comes to the fore...okay I'm not using my Super but it's the same reverb circuit. I wrote it on my Super though. Two chords all the way through!


Fun. I like your songs, your band and your playing.


Always enjoyable. Nice job.


I love it! Great solo!


Great song, great sound, great band!

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