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Faded Photograph


That was cool.

Who was singing background with you, Gerry or Bob? :)


I did ask, but they said the downbeat lyrics took them to someplace called 'bummer valley', wherever that is.

They perhaps had a point. However, I can honestly tell you that as each gloomy stanza formed, it made me laugh out loud. Blues, even when faded, are very funny shades to write in.

Anyways, off to work. Back in a few days.

Be seeing you!


Always a good listen from you. Nice.


Adrian, I loved the creative changes that you put this song through. They were often unexpected twists and turns of chords that were pleasing to be along for the ride on.


Nice work, Ade. I enjoyed it in the non-cheerful way intended.


Non-cheerful enjoyment! Perfect.

Thanks for all your feedback folks. I always like to bounce a song in here, for it gets worked up a bit more after your valued reflections. You all play beautiful music yourselves- special props to Suprdave, who really knuckles down to some serious songwriting and to Ric12 for the chordal excursions.

Anyways, I redid the vocal tracks after a few days' reflection. A bit tighter now, with a lyrical boo-boo sorted. I leave it now and move along to something else.

Thanks all.


Nice - early Beatles sound I'd say, rather than folk-rock. Your songs are always thoughtful, you don't do the corner-cutting thing, and that keeps them interesting till the last note.


Thanks for the compliment, Ade. I just took another listen. I would love to do this song with my band and do a slightly distorted guitar version with a lead in the middle. It's very Byrd like to me. We probably couldn't do it justice though as I'm hearing a 12 string mixed into it, in my head. None of us own a decent 12. I like it more, the more I Listen.


Suprdave, if you'd like to play this song- please do. I can't think of anything better than if you did it and made it your own. As heavy as you like.

In the absence of a 12 string, maybe have someone play the obvious open position chords and the other guitar Capo 3rd fret so the verse goes F#m, D, E etc. It's a fair way of faking the extra dimension of a twelve with two sixes.

NSM, always great to hear from you, even better when you have a tune! I met Duncan Findlay a few months back, someone you may know.


I always wondered who the Byrds and Simon and Garfunkel's love child was and it turned out to be Ade all this time


Taffy, can you imagine?

The combination of Art Garfunkel's hairstyle and David Crosby's easy manner.

A situation so challenging, that only by reversing could it be made any worse.

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